Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
  • It is recommended to apply it by leaf.
  • It has calcium that all plants need.
  • It is amino-acid chelated, for this reason, it does not deposit with phosphor, and can be used with phosphorus fertilizers.
  • It is responsible for flexibility and permeability of plant tissues. It increases tissue permeability. It improves pulp thickness. It is used against sour seed for apple, blossom-end rot for tomato and pepper, fruit shrinkage and end darkening for vineyard, comb falling for cotton, melting and cracking for vegetable, and for growth physiology for wheat, sunflower and sugar beet.
  • Its effect increases when used with Gibberellin (plant growth regulators). It is effective for storing, shipping and shelf life.
Plant Use period Use method Use dose
VineyardEnd of blooming100 l water, sprayed on leaf200 cc
Period of unripe grape250 cc
From veraison to harvest200-250cc
Citrus, oliveDuring flower100 l water, sprayed on leaf150cc
During fruit250cc
Peach, plum, apple, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, quinceDuring flower100 l water, sprayed on leaf100-150cc
During fruit250cc
CottonDuring combing100 l water, sprayed on leaf250cc
Potato, pepper, tomato, aubergine, water melon, melonPre-bloomingSpraying on decare by leaf250cc100 cc/da root
During flower, fruit 250cc
StrawberryPre-flowerSpraying on decare by leaf200cc100cc/da root
During fruit 250cc200cc/da root
Greenhouse plantsPre-flowerDrip on decare250cc leaf2000cc/da root

Guaranteed content W/W

Total nitrogen (N) 8%

Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) 8%

Water soluble calcium oxide (CaO) 9%