Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
  • M4 IRON is the new generation liquid iron preparations produced by our own production technology.
  • Applicable by soil or leaf.
  • M4 Iron contains iron in the form of Fe+3 ions.
  • M4 Iron structure does not deteriorate no matter what the pH of soil is and intake by plant is good.
  • M4-Iron contains iron in the complex with special organic acids, for this reason, no advance event is in question for supplying it in case of organic matter deficiency.
  • M4 Iron is easy to use owing to the liquid form.
  • Eliminates signs of iron deficiency as soon as possible.

Use area by soilDose / tree
Saplings10-20 cc
Trees starting to produce fruit20-50 cc
Trees with normal productivity80-10 cc
Trees with high productivity100-150 cc
Big fruit trees150-200 cc
Vineyards per omca10-200 cc
Ornamental plants500 cc/decare
Single and multi-year flowers60 cc/10 m2
Strawberry, etc.500 cc-1 l/100 m respectively
Vegetable and plants250-350 cc/decare
Use area by leafDose 100 l water
Hard seed50-100 cc
Soft seed50-100 cc
Citrus and olive150-200 cc
Vineyards50-100 cc
Vegetable, tomato, pepper, aubergine, etc.75-100 cc
Strawberry, etc.75-100 cc
Cotton, potato, peas, etc.75-100 cc

Guaranteed content W/W

Water soluble Iron (Fe) 6%