Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
  • 6% of 12% zinc is EDTA-chelated.
  • Being chelated facilitates intake of plant.
  • Applicable by soil and leaf.
  • Zinc serves as the catalyst in most enzyme systems of plants.
  • Enzymes containing zinc may be important for starch and nitrogen metabolism.



1 Lt


5 Lt


20 Lt

PlantUse periodUse methodUse dose
VineyardFor bunch growing 100 l water by soil150cc
Fruit set150cc
15 days after blossom 150cc
Before veraison 150cc
CitrusBlossom 100 l water by leaf100-150cc
When fruit is in the size of nut
Blossom Dripping1000cc/da
When fruit is in the size of nut1000cc/da
Peach, plum, apple, apricot, sour cherry, quince, cherryBlossom 100 l water by leaf100 cc 1. Appl.
Fruit150 cc 2. Appl.
Blossom Dripping1000cc/da
Sunflower, sugar beet, turnip, carrot, celery3-5 leavesOn leaves by water100cc/da
15-20 days after the first application150cc/da
Cotton3-5 leavesOn leaves by water150cc/da
Blossom 150cc/da
Potato, soy, chick pea, lentil, peanut, field bean, peasPre-blossomOn leaves by water200cc/da
20 days after blossom200cc/da
Tomato, aubergine, pepper, melon, water melon, cucumber, leek, bean, artichoke, cauliflowerWhen seedling is bedazzled.From drip to decare500cc/da
First blossom1000cc/da
After first blossom1000cc/da
During seedling100 l water150cc/da
3-5 leaves200cc/da
With 20- day interval after first fruit200cc/da
Corn, wheat, barleyTop crestOn leaves by water100cc/da
3-5 leaves100cc/da
With herb pesticide during sibling150cc/da
Strawberry5-6 leavesFrom drip to decare500cc/da
Before blooming1000 cc/da
With 20-day interval100 cc/da
5-6 leaves100 l water150 cc/da
Before blooming200 cc/da
With 20-day interval200 cc/da