Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
  • Applied by soil.
  • It has dust free and water soluble microgranule structure.
  • M4 Iron Power is EDDHA-chelated iron preparations chemical quality of which is high.
  • It contains 4.2% ortho-ortho chelate at very high concentration.
  • M4 Iron power is the most affective iron prepared in the market.
  • Other Fe preparations cannot be beneficial in soils with high pH.
  • M4 Iron Power is the only iron preparation being affective on excessive lime soils.
  • Effective pH range is very extensive.
  • Solubility of M4 Iron power is perfect. It solves easily under the most adverse circumstances. No deposit is present after days.

Use area by soil
Name of the plant Use doseImplementation time
Fruit trees and citrus
Trees planted recently 10-20 g/ tree4M Iron power should be applied when iron deficiency is expected. The best application time of the product is the phase in spring when the trees start to wake up. It can be implemented in early-spring before bud and blossom is out in fruit garden and plantations. Even low dose provides foliation of trees in short time. For this reason, recommended dose should be divided in 2 in the areas where intensive irrigation is applicable, the 1. Dose should be implemented in the beginning of vegetative growth and the 2. Dose should be implemented immediately after the fruit set. Dry implementation of the product should be performed for protective spraying (without chlorisis) and 3-4 weeks before development.
Trees close to fruit set 20-50 g/ tree
Trees being at the full productivity 100-200 g/ tree
Big trees (peach) 200 g/tree
Big trees (apple) 300 g/tree
Big trees (citrus) 250 g/tree
Vineyards per Omca10-200 g
Ornamental trees500 g/decare
By leaf100 l water per dose
Hard kernel50-100 g
Soft kernel50-100 g
Citrus and olive150-200 g
Vineyards50-100 g
Vegetable, tomato, pepper, aubergine, etc.75-100 g
Strawberry, etc.75-100 g
Cotton, potato, peas, etc.75-100 g

Guarantee content W/W

Water soluble iron (Fe) 6%

EDDHA chelated 6%

Orto-orto EDDHA 4-8