Smart Fertilizer NP 9-11-0

Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek

It is one of the strongest fertilizers of the group of Smart Fertilizer in terms of nitrogen/phosphor ratio. It is reinforced with nitrogen and phosphor in addition to Smart Nat. It is controlled released nitrogen and phosphorus smart fertilizer. It is recommended to use it as the subsoil fertilizer and also it can be used as the surface fertilizer.

It has all characteristics of Smart Nat and it contains adequate nitrogen and phosphor. When artificial fertilizer is used, it improves the effect of artificial fertilizer.

Its mineral content as 9% nitrogen and 11% phosphor is sufficient for the plant since the plant can absorb 100%. (for chemical fertilizers, the plant can absorb maximum 20% of chemical fertilizer in dry agriculture and this is applicable under good field conditions).

Nitrogen in the chemical fertilizer does not volatile and is not washed. Maximum retention time in the soil is 14 days and if no proper humid is applicable for the soil, it leads to burning of plant or dehydration of the plant. Smart Fertilizer preserves nitrogen filler substances in the plants and washing, burning and volatility is not seen. Nitrogen that Smart Fertilizer contains and the plant needs can be absorbed by the plant.

Guaranteed contentW/W%
Organic matter25%
Total nitrogen9%
Organic nitrogen0,10%
Ammonium nitrogen4%
Urea nitrogen
Total phosphor11%
Total water soluble phosphor pentaoxide P2055%
Phosphor soluble in water or neutral ammonium citrate
Zinc soluble in water (Zn)
Maximum humidity0,20%
Chlorine ratio0,02%

By means of phosphor, the plant forms a strong root. Proper vegetative component is provided by nitrogen. Following benefiting from the advantages of Smart Fertilizer, if plant is in need of mineral, external mineral can be utilized.

Cracking problem of fruit is no longer seen by calcium supplement and substances in its content. It increases sugar rate of sugar beet and prevents heart rot.

It increases the number of pollen, sucker and advanced rooting of plants. It achieves homogenous fruit structure formation. It achieves homogenous fruit structure formation. It increases pollination and protein enzyme and prevents reproduction of fungus and bacteria.


25 KG
50 KG

The retention time of phosphor being available in fertilizers known as conventional fertilizers (20-20-0, 15-15-15, 18-46-0) by the soil with high pH is 7 days. However, this time is about 70 days for Super NP.


Arable crops
For all plants it is recommended to mix the proper dose with the soil at once. If this period passed, it is recommended to use it at the most suitable period.20–25 kg/da
Vegetable50–75 kg/da
Fruit1-2 kg / tree
Vine cultivation and pomegranate
40–50 kg/da
Banana2-4 kg / tree
Greenhouse growing (greenhouse)
75–90 kg/da
Ornamental plants
40–60 kg/da
Arboriculture 0,1-0,25 kg / sapling
For preparation of cultivation environment
10–20 kg/m3