Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek
Kısa ürün açıklaması gelecek

SMART-K Plus is 100% vegetative origin and meets the potassium requirement of plant. It dissolves faster than chemical fertilizers and SO4 in its content (sulphur) is micronized, it becomes functional within 4 weeks as of mixing with soil. It regulates pH of soil and eliminates salinity. SMART-K PLUS being rich in terms of potassium meets the potassium requirement completely that the plants need at early stage of development and provides healthy growth for plant.

  • Since it is organic, it increases water-retention capacity of soil and looses soil and ventilates plant roots.
  • Plants benefit from nutrient elements they need at the highest level in the soils where SMART-K PLUS is used. It provides color, taste, quality and productivity advantages for the plants.
  • SMART-K Plus does not pollute the environment.
  • SMART-K Plus can be used easily for all periods of plants being different from other base fertilizers.
  • It is organomineral complex of 100% vegetative origin potassium and other nutrients and owing to 31.5% sulphur rate it conditions soil.f
  • All nutrients in the content of SMART-K Plus bind to organic matters, since it is natural chelated, it realizes nutrients intake very easily.

Packaging 25 kg


Use period

Use dosage

Arable crops

For all plants it is recommended to mix the proper dose with the soil at once. If this period passed, it is recommended to use it at the most suitable period.

20-25 kg/da


50-75 kg/da


1-2 kg/tree

Vine cultivation and pomegranate

40-50 kg/da


2-4 kg/tree

Greenhouse growing (greenhouse)

75-90 kg/da

Ornamental plants

40-60 kg/da


0,1-0,25 kg/sapling

For preparation of cultivation environment

10-20 kg/m3

Guaranteed content


Organic matter

: 5%

Total water soluble potassium oxide (K2O)

: 25%

Maximum humidity

: 20%


: 4,5-6,5